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Originally Posted by bhupaes View Post
Hi Cheetah, just curious... what does the term "yank" convey to you?
Idk... an abrupt pulling or jerking in a different direction?
I think for Oscar it means to use the biceps to quickly pull to the side or across the ball or something like that.

Personally I don't use my biceps in any conscious discernible manner. However I do often use other parts of my body to pull across on some shots just before contact to increase rhs.

For example I swing with a very loose arm. It couldn't be any looser and it just goes along for the ride (unless I'm having a bad day on the courts where it's not clicking and i'm arming the ball etc). As my chest approaches facing the net and my arm and racquet are still behind and my torso is pulling my arm around i can feel tension in my shoulder and chest from the lagging racquet head. If I choose to I can use my left arm in such a way or increase my torso rotation or the angle of my shoulders etc and it will change the direction or angle that the racquet was originally travelling in. This change in direction will increase the rhs or change the angle of attack for more spin or whatever and I suspect this would accomplish the same effect as Oscar's bicep move. When I do this it's not a huge movement. Just a slight weight shift somewhere or an increase in muscle tension somewhere or just a pull of only an inch or so and that's enough. It looks like I'm swinging with a normal continuous motion but in fact there was a modification in there. I don't suddenly 'yank' abruptly where it would be noticeable.

Imagine if you had a soccer ball on a rope and you were swinging it around and around your body in circles over and over. You feel the weight of the ball lagging behind your pull. Like a hammer thrower in the olympics. While you are swinging the ball around you can pull / tug / yank / jerk / adjust your pull and the ball will go higher or lower and pick up speed right? The greater the difference that you adjust your pull the more the ball will pick up speed and you can feel it because of the tension of the ball lagging behind the pull. It's that kind of feeling and action.
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