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Originally Posted by Head Pegger View Post
Hello, I am a fairly new poster here. I am trying to achieve a forehand stroke with heavier spin than what I have now: what I think is MOSTLY eastern. I line the 'V' created by the right hand thumb and index finger with bevel 2(first right bevel). I hit mostly hard flat shots but in an attempt to move towards a more singles-minded consistent game I want to get more spin. Would switching to a full semi-western really help me get more spin. Or can an eastern forehand with a windshield-wiper finish be enough? Any help, tips, etc. would be appreciated.
Experiment with both grips and pick the one you like.

I am in between a SW and a FW myself. When I first started playing, I had Eastern grips though.

You will probably get adequate spin using an Eastern and a WW motion. You will probably get more spin the more Western you go, but bear in mind as you go more Western, your ideal contact point will be higher and farther out in front.

It is a great thing to be able to hit flat, hard shots, don't give that up completely. It is really great to be able to hit both flat and with spin.
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