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Originally Posted by atatu View Post
Well, I had some $$ in paypal, so I decided to just go ahead and pre-order the Steam 99S (unstrung) and I just got an email from TW saying that my frame is going to be shipped. I figure if I hate it I can sell it to one of you guys !
I'm looking into ordering one of these too but I'm a little hesitant because I play really well with my aero pro drives. I'm always looking to improve my game but I'm not sure if this racquet, with the string pattern will end up being a game changer or not. I'm curious to know how this racquet will perform with the super open string pattern, if I can not only hit with massive topspin but also control my shots; for instance with the apdc, I can hit bone crushing groundstrokes for winners and killer serves on any given day. If I consider switching to the 99S , I need to perform at a higher level than my current racquet.

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