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I see they both have 15 pro majors, which is the most respectably in that category. I don't know how to separate these two. Rosewall has 8 slams to Gonzales' 2 in addition to the pro majors, so technically Rosewall has more and would lead him to a higher tier. However, from what I've read Gonzales tends to be rated higher by experts. Is that cause he has more time spent as number 1?
Pancho also had a positive head-to-head, but I think it was because they had a lot of matches in 1957 (top-form Gonzales defeated a strong but not top-form Rosewall 58-28 ), while they didn't meet each other in 1962-63, when Rosewall was at his absolute peak.
In my opinion Gonzales may have been more dominant on fast courts, but he was slightly less complete than Muscles (Trabert stated that on clay, where his serve was slowed down, he was not one of the strongest).
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