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The thing that weights heavily in Gonzalez's favor is that in 1960 he played a tour against Rosewall, Segura and Olmedo and won it with an incredible won lost of 49-8. The individual head to head was I believe around 15-4 against Rosewall. Now they probably were playing mostly indoors on canvas which favored Gonzalez but it was still against peak Rosewall. That's a great achievement by Gonzalez. That was obviously for the World Title. Gonzalez was the greatest in history on these head to head tours. These tours can be argued to be toughest and perhaps more important than majors.
Care to elaborate on the bolded? That sure as hell isn't present in today's game. It's like they just play against each other consecutively in a certain time frame or what? I'm not familiar at all.
The tour needs Del Potro to be back and playing healthy
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