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Originally Posted by always_crosscourt View Post
I do play with a 1hbh and yes, I do tee off on head height balls. This is the height where I prefer to hit off my 1hbh - but it's a shame most people don't hit that high to me.
Please send us your video of Teeing of a head high ball. These sentence contradict each other. One you say you have great high backhand and two no body hits it to you high. So when do you hit a high BH?

Originally Posted by always_crosscourt View Post
The reason I made this thread was because I play a 1hbh and feel great about high balls, so I'm confused about why people say it sucks for high balls. A while ago I tried the 2hbh, and for me it was a nightmare. Had to bunt the ball back once it got either too high or too low or too wide - I felt very restricted.

Anyway, try the chin ups, rows and reverse flyes - strengthen the hell out of the upper back and posterior shoulder musculature and let me know how you get on then with high 1hbh's...
So you say try 1HBH and 2HBH that tells me your just a beginner who has the luxury to try both shots. Most people spend years with one stroke and don't change so easily.

Will try chin ups
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