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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
Looks like you forehand grip your forehand volleys, not good against faster moving balls. You chop at hit with your wrist, instead of stroking with your shoulders, so your shots are spinny, soft, and set up for the baseliner. Don't chop, instead lock the wrist, and elbow and swing thru the shoulders for more pace, less spin, lower non floaty volleys.
Your basic volley idea is flawed. You chop at a few high balls, then just slap a winner away. Instead, concentrate and hit all low skidding volleys with backspin into short NML, allowing the baseliner to hit sharp low passing shots.
Your backhand volleys are nothing more than a block. You need a longer high to low swing, and longer than your forehand volley swing. Again, don't use the wrist, lock it. Don't use the elbow either. Use the shoulder and body forward turned sideways to add pace to your volleys. You loop a sitter back every time there also.
Trick in volleying is to encourage the baseliner to hit his hardest, lowest passing shots near you, so you can practice against higher level balls. I suggested placing near the short NML depth position, so you can add more depth once you play a match.
That promotes depth control first, and foremost.
Yeah I use something turned more to the eastern forehand on the forehand volley and continental on the bh. Thanks for the advice especially on what kinda of netplay I should be doing. I always just try to bloop it back until my opponent makes an UE or I get an easier shot

Originally Posted by J011yroger View Post
Chill out, volley the ball, don't try to look like you are hitting with 'proper form' just because you are on video.

Pay more attention to how you hit the ball, and what the ball does than to how you look.

Just relax and play normally in your next video.

This is actually how I play at the net haha wasn't trying to do anything different honestly.
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