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Originally Posted by BlueB View Post
What do I know, anyways... Only worked on a team that designed about $50,000,000.00 worth of composite products...

A product built to the same stifness spec out of higher modulus fiber, will fail quicker then the counterpart built in lower modulus fiber, for a simple reason - less material used in the high modulus product.
A produst built to the same stifness spec using higher beam, will fail before the the counterpart with lower beam - again, more material in lower beam.
A beam built with a core will outlast the hollow beam, for better load distribution.
All of above is especially true for point loading and impact related failures. Those are the major rasons for failure of the racquets, which is sometimes perceived as fatigue...
Then tell me why my hyper pro staff from 1999 is still stiff as a rock and why my PS85 is limp with the grommets caved in? My nCode 90's are in their original condition while the BLX90 is a bit softer after 6 months.

PS - you didn't quite flash knowledge we didn't know. To rephrase, Babolat uses ultra stiff/strong graphite, but they use less of it in order to reduce mass. Thus, they crack.
When their tennis really matters, Babolat Reps use a Wilson.

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