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Originally Posted by luvforty View Post
since there is so much wisdom here.....

I have an 8yo boy beginner... long term goal is to give him the gift of tennis, a game of a life time, a character builder, and a chick magnet... varsity tennis.... maybe college scholarship.

he also plays soccer in the spring/fall, swim in the summer/winter.

right now it's winter, so I have him doing ball bounce drills and hit against the living room wall for 15min/day...

plan is to hit the court more when spring comes along.

I have read Dave Smith's book, and I like the way of starting with the conti grip.

any suggestions are welcome.
The biggest risk to your goal is not improper teaching/advice, rather it is losing the love of the game from "having" to practice.

Take a long range view. Less is more.
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