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Originally Posted by forzamilan90 View Post
Would you say Gonzales is better on clay, than say Rosewall on grass (assuming grass is Rosewall's weakest and clay is Gonzales' strongest surface)?
Pros played not many tournaments on clay and grass, they played mainly on wood indoor. Anyway, Rosewall was more complete in my opinion: he won some Majors on grass (Australian Open 1971, US Open 1970, US Pro 1963 & 1965), while Gonzales never won a Major on clay (lost two finals at the French Pro, in 1956 against Trabert, in 1961 against Rosewall). Rosewall had not weak surfaces.
But on wood indoor Gonzales was the king, as he had one of the most incredible serves ever (up there with Tilden, Sampras and a few others, as far as I know).

p.s. I'm not saying that Gonzales was weak on clay, he was strong on every surface, but on clay he was not as strong as elsewhere (let's say just like Lendl on grass).

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