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Originally Posted by fortun8son View Post
Experience counts, but what if they've been doing it wrong for 15 years?
The USRSA tests for a minimum standard of knowledge and competence.

I've not gone to take the test and I may not, but I know I could pass.
Does this make me a top- notch stringer?
Not at all, but at least I know not to string all of the short side first, pull two strings at once, and tie off with a single half hitch.
Many stringers get faulty instruction and practice their lousy technique for years.

I've seen many a horrible stringjob and weights placed willy-nilly on the frame.
Some of them by teaching pros who know just enough racquet tech to be dangerous.
i think you are missing my point. let me try to say it this way then. certification is not a good reflection of one's ability. it's only one method of measurement. for example, 95% people pass the driving test. how many % are actually good drivers? 50%? being certified in driving does not reflect real world action. same for teaching. a certain % passes teaching certification. how many good teachers are there? all of them that passed the test? same for everything else. some guy gets certified in computer sci. there's 14yr old kids out there not have never read a single page of a exam prep book that are hacking into way more tough things than the guy with all the computer certifications. i can go on forever. certifications are just that.
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