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Pros played not many tournaments on clay and grass, they played mainly on wood indoor. Anyway, Rosewall was more complete in my opinion: he won some Majors on grass (Australian Open 1971, US Open 1970, US Pro 1963 & 1965), while Gonzales never won a Major on clay (lost two finals at the French Pro, in 1956 against Trabert, in 1961 against Rosewall). Rosewall had not weak surfaces.
But on wood indoor Gonzales was the king, as he had one of the most incredible serves ever (up there with Tilden, Sampras and a few others, as far as I know).

p.s. I'm not saying that Gonzales was weak on clay, he was strong on every surface, but on clay he was not as strong as elsewhere (let's say just like Lendl on grass).
It wasn't played that often on wood indoors. They played also on indoor canvas during the head to head tours. In fact Kramer used to transport an indoor canvas from tournament to tournament to have it laid down on the area where they would play in previous years. Remember I'm talking about the head to head tours also and not just the tournaments. They played often on hard court, clay and grass also. I would say the clay, grass and hard court were actually the most common. Wood of course would be played on occasionally, particularly at Wembley. A great feat of Rosewall was that he would win the French Pro on red clay and the next week play and win Wembley on wood, perhaps the fastest of all surfaces. This is perhaps superior to Borg winning on red clay at the French and a few weeks later winning at Wimbledon on grass.

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