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Originally Posted by corbind View Post
Players can be lazier with a 1HBH topspin compared to a 2HBH topspin? You're the only person I've ever heard say that. Or are you qualifying that to be true only high balls and only for people who have learned to hit high balls with topspin?

I can certainly agree that slice backhand footwork can be very sloppy and still be able to hit a good ball. Yet I can't see anyone saying that, as a general rule, a topspin one-hand backhand is easier (can be lazier doing such) than a two-hand topspin.
You may think so, but recently I was shocked when a coach who was on the tour (verified) told me he found the 2 hander much more difficult to hit and that is why he stayed with the 1 hander. He said the contact point more to the side was way more difficult for him than the out front contact of the 1 hander.

Once I figured out the high ball problem, I found the 1 hander to be easy. I tried the 2 hander several times, and still hit one on deep balls, but I stayed with the 1 hander. There is a certain easing into the ball and looping it, and adding some wrist roll, which makes it easy.

Observe the 1 handed pros. Their BH topspin actually turns more than the two handers. Where the 2 hander excels is on sharp attacking cross court shots and the return of serve (especially on the deuce court for a rightie).
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