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Originally Posted by Fearsome Forehand View Post
He said she was pretty and then joked that QB's get all the pretty girls. Big deal.

Much ado about nothing.
This +1

Originally Posted by dParis View Post
The only thing I'm finding offensive about the incident, so far, is the ageism that is becoming part of the argument.
Again with the ageism. That old man should know his place, right?
This +2 (I mean, wtf is that all about ollinger & JRstriker12???)

Originally Posted by volleygirl View Post
Well, the lezbos who complained to ESPN were the ones offended and ESPN should have told them "tough luck."
This +3 (and lol).
Yeah the sanctimonious blowback was humorous. MSNBC's dour creepazoid Mika Brzezinski got her frigid panties all twisted up in knots over it the next morning in a snippy huff. CNN's Gayle King also went the high and mightly 'indignation' route - and yet on CNN (New Year's Eve) there she was, skanky Kathy Griffith pretending to go down on Anderson Cooper and yet, not a peep of "sexist outrage" from Ms. King. Bottom line imho: who cares?
Hey you want 'juvenile' olli?
Q: What's the difference between a lezbo feminist and a sperm whale?
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Originally Posted by acura9927 View Post
She looks old like 28-30
Too much eye makeup.
My pet peeve, racoon eyes are out!
Yeah,...uh, ok....
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