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Originally Posted by Xonemains View Post
Hey Yaz!!

When you do have a chance to play with the 18 x 20, could you give more details regarding the control area!! and power level. hhhmmm maybe comfort as well comparing to the P1's.

cheers mate.
Had a chance to play with both Blade 98s and compare with the P1. I gave up on the tired swinging it around and couldn't get a ball past the service line. Maybe I should hit the

I didn't find the B98 16/19 to have much more power than the 18/20, but I was a bit more erratic with it. I found more control and consistent response from the 18/20 with about 95%+ same power level.

Compared with the P1 I felt all three were equally comfortable, with maybe just a slight edge to the Donnay. This could be due to the strings however, since the P1 was strung with kirschbaum PL2, a relatively soft poly at about 55 and the B98 demos were strung tighter with 4G/NXT hybrid.

P1 was clearly the most powerful of the 3. B98 18/20 was the most controllable and predictable. In terms of spin potential I found the P1 to have the most, followed by B98 16/19 and then B98 18/20, but not by a huge margin.

So for now I will be sticking to my P1s...I just love the comfortable pace and spin I'm able to generate with it. Going to play with tensions to try to maximize control. I really liked the B98 18/20 and was tempted to switch, but didn't feel like it would make a huge difference in my game like the P1 did. I may pick up a lightly used one some time down the road and try a few different string setups to see if I can optimize the feel.
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