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Originally Posted by Chotobaka View Post
The "hard" responses in this thread reaffirm my observation that many people here -- mostly the barely post pubescent -- speak of what they do not know. You have to be out of your M'fing mind to describe these as "hard as a rock". Or more likely, you have never used Micro-X balls, or have zero experience with other "pressureless type" balls. Typical TT.
You could be right there. I have used a lot of preasureless balls over the years and the biggest complaint I have is the felt seems to wear off faster and you and up with really light balls. I have not really gone the Tretorn route yet as they are sooooo expensive. I did test some maybe 10 years ago but it was around the same time as we were testing the oversize rally ball and I dont remember much about the tretorns.

Still...if they last a long time they would be worth it in the long run. My concern is the felt going like it does on preasurless balls. I dont even mind if the balls are a little heavy. If they dont bounce in the cold forget it. We play in the rain and snow around here.
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