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Originally Posted by kiki View Post
This is a honest post on Kodes.I never said he was a megatalent but he certainly has one of the best ration talent/major wins and he was a very complete all round player, with no big weapon ( still his backhand return was just a notch belwo Connors or Rosewall, but an excellent shot).He was extremely fit and had the heart of a true lion.ABMK´s ignorance putting guys like Roddick and even ˇ Henmanˇ who had just one fifteenth part of Kodes champion menthality is just amazing but he´s clearly never seen tennis before current era.

As for Newcombe, he was extraordinary at increasing his level when he needed that.few posters talk about him but he was a true true champion.I´ll say more, he is the only guy in the 70´s that i´d bet my money on him if he had to play Bjorn Borg at the Wimbledon final.a Borg-newcombe Wimbledon final would have certainly been the best grass court match of the decade.
Good post Kiki. Newcombe was some player under pressure. Don't know if I would bet my money on Newcombe even on grass against the Borg of 1978 and 1979 but I'm sure Borg would fear Newcombe at his peak. On a grass court when Newcombe was in shape he could beat any player in history.

And everything you wrote here about Kodes is true. He wasn't the most talented but I think he still was very talented. He really was a top player who was fun to watch.
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