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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
None of you have ever played at any significant level, so you really are not is a position to comment on intimate stuff like sweating and toweling and their impact on performance at the pro level. If a rule is not working out, it has to be changed.
yup, you're right. you got me. you've pegged the fact that i down a bag of doritos and a big gulp of mt. dew on every changeover and keep hohos in my racquet bag to munch on at my lowly club "hit and giggles"

really dude, if the rule is you have to have played tennis "at a significant level" (nice and vague term isn't it?) before you can have an opinion about anything, they'd better just shut this place down now! but since you brought it up, what would you say is a "significant level"? it must not be the ncaa because i've watched tons of DI ncaa men's tennis and those guys don't towel off after every point. the futures must not be significant either because those guys don't towel off after every point either.

since no one has really said it before, i wonder how much $$$ came into play here? were the powers that be somewhat concerned about sponsorship dollars? if so, could that possibly been a consideration?
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