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Originally Posted by HIGH-TECH TENNIS View Post
FIVE of the eight top American juniors selected to represent the USA in Europe are HIGH-TECH TENNIS customers! GOOD LUCK TO EVERY SINGLE PLAYER, but most especially these: GIRLS: CC Bellis-CA (since 2011 G12 Hard Courts), Jaeda Daniel-FL (since 2009 FL State Closed 10s), Michaela Gordon-CA (since 2012 G12 Hard Courts) BOYS: Patrick Kypson-NC (since 2009 Southern Closed 10s), Noah Makarome-FL (since 2010 Gator Bowl).
Not anything personally against you at all, but do you have permission from them to use their names? Did they sign something? Not sure appropriate. Knowing two of the players pretty well and how their parents are, just checking. Also know other video services they use, so it could get sticky.....When photographer/video folks use or used my players image or name with their product they always get permission. Marketing 101.
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