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Originally Posted by UCSF2012 View Post
Then tell me why my hyper pro staff from 1999 is still stiff as a rock and why my PS85 is limp with the grommets caved in.
Yes, I would... You need to send me the exact layup of both frames, including the resin specs, radial sections every 1/2", size and number of grommet holes, number of stringing jobs, tension and string type, total number of hours played, average swing speed, number of hits to the ground, number of shanked balls, how many times thrown in anger, hours in the trunk of car parked in the sun...

At few other posters,
Easy now, the racquets are not made now out of "worse" graphite. Just less of it, allowed by higher beams and lighter weights, and in some cases higher modulus.
Prices are relatively cheaper then 3 decades ago mostly due to more massive volume and outsourcing to the far east. However, less material plays some rolle, but not to the extent you'd imagine...
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