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Originally Posted by srvnvly View Post
I've played with both the new Blade 16x19 and the P1 16x19, and my arm hurt after playing with the Wilson, trying to hit with the same pace as my BLX Blade 98; the P1 was just a bit heavy after hitting for 2+ hours at a time, which I frequently do. I wish I would have kept my P1, but I will next try the new Steam (both versions).
Maybe it was the string on the Blade 98. I didn't have any issues hitting with the Blade 98 but the Donnay P1, I felt a dull ache in my arm after a couple hours and that was with a multifilament string.

If you have any arm or shoulder issue, I would recommend avoiding poly strings on both racquets. The only racquet I was able to get away with using poly is the Prince EXO3 Tour which is one of softest racquets I have ever hit with that isn't a Head Pro Stock.
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