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Originally Posted by Virginia View Post
I heard or read from somewhere (can't remember where), that as each frame came off the production line, the "better" ones were designated "pro". I don't know how they were assessed, or whether indeed this is true.
I also heard the same thing as Virginia did. A while back, I bought some new Max200Gs from someone who said that he had worked at the Dunlop factory in the UK before they were shut down. I picked his brain and he said the IMF's quality control was difficult to manage. So the 'best' ones were labeled 'Pro.' Not only the 200G, but I do recall that other IMFs had Pro and non-pro versions (like my other favorite, the Max400i).

Speaking of that, I once saw a Steffi Graf Max200G up for sale. It had her initials on the frame. Was going to get it, but the condition was not the best and it was going for much higher than I felt comfortable paying. I believe it had a Pro designation.
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