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Originally Posted by ssgator80 View Post
Pusher is another way of saying " defensive". I've seen many open and college level players with games that rely on defensive tactics - make the guy hit one more ball. It has nothing to do with level - just style of play. Somewhere along the line, this style became known as pushers. It certainly was from the guy behind the baseline bashing balls but has no consistency.

Most of this talk is really just kidding between me and Mikeler because if I cant beat him - it doesnt matter what style I play - he is better than me.

But tennis does boil down to styles and matchups. Some guys games match up better with other styles or games.

Goran, I like playing guys like you. Two balls in and the next one hits the fence. LOL
I noticed you liked playing against guys like me and my james Blake school of tennis.
I think my view of pusher is different than yours
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