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Default Sliding on hardcourts

Today during our high school tennis practice, I tried sliding and noticed I actually wasn't too bad at it and I was recovering a lot better on wide shots. I understand long term use of this technique is bad on the joints but I'm not planning to do this daily, but it seems useful for those very hard to reach shots. I didn't start feeling the soreness in my ankles until an hour ago, and it's not that bad of a pain, more of a small bruise feeling.

So just curious, if any of you guys are "sliders" on HC, I would appreciate it if there are any helpful tips in doing this maneuver.

Note: I've never played on clay so I'm actually quite unfamiliar with the motion, my only real example to learn from is watching Djokovic/Nadal/Fed (although he doesn't do much on HC) or watch clay court matches.
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