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Originally Posted by HughJars View Post
Im about a level 3.0 rec player, and I often play a mate about the same level who loves to just loop the ball up to keep it alive at every oppurtunity, knowing it will force a weak return or unforced error.

Slow moving, loopy, high moonballs landing near the baseline on my forehand I have no idea how to combat, other than feeding back a ridiculous looking loopy shot for him to clean me up with at the net or watch it sail out, and its so frustrating!

How to I play an efficient shot to combat this?

Welcome fellow 3.0 player. These kinds of balls present problems for me too. Do I let the bounce get into my comfort zone? Well, that doesn't always work because with good topspinners the ball never gets into my comfort zone. The best alternative seems to me to learn to hit the ball on the rise. Which, I think, takes a lot more practice than most of us 3.0 players have done. I think there's hope, but I think that timing is even more critical in effectively returning the kinds of shots you're talking about than in effectively returning most groundstrokes, and that entails LOTS of practice.

I'll be watching your thread for helpful suggestions.
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