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Originally Posted by kymacy View Post
This is also my first time buying tickets and going to the French Open. I've already created a username and password. I plan on buying on February 13th as soon as it's open to the general public. The most expensive ticket that i saw on the ftt website was 150 Euros. I think The prices are jacked if you buy elsewhere because people scalpe them.

Since this is my first time, is there anything i should know in advance that will make purchasing tickets easier?
The guidelines should be available on the website, I only bought tickets for the first day, not multiple days. I think you can only buy 4 per session. I don't know how scalping is done since they will check your ticket AND your ID card prior to entry. Me and my friends already had plane tickets before and it was my assignment to get the FO tickets so I waited the minute it opened to the general public and stayed up for it.

Hope you get to see, it's a wonderful experience. I wish I could have stayed at least 3 days straight. Oh and check the weather, it can get so hot at times and rainy,damp and cold depending on the day.
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