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Originally Posted by arnelarsen View Post
What is the better choice for a 60-75 year old tennis player who wants to compete in senior tournaments - a one-handed or a two-handed backhand? I have seen several of these discussions for younger players, but such answers cannot be transferred to older players, since it is another game when you are past 60. I know that almost all of the best 60+ players of today have one-handed backhands, and I wonder what the reason is. The two-handed backhand has been popular since Connors, Evert and Borg broke through in the start of the 70s and a lot of young persons copied their backhands at that time. However, the vast majority of the better players in their 50s, which I run into, have one-handed backhands, although the two-handed backhand was about equally popular when they learned to play tennis. Being 51 myself, I wonder if I should prepare myself to switch to a one-handed backhand in the near future?


One of the best players I know is a 70 year old guy who switched from 1hbh to 2hbh about 10 years ago. If your 2hbh is consistent and effective now, then I don't see why it wouldn't be 20 years from now. For myself (at 65) I do 1hbh. I find it more esthetically pleasing than the 2hbh.
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