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Originally Posted by Fuji View Post
If I'm being completely honest, it's a toss up between the two for me. The Bio200 feels like the modern update to the PT630, which I know might be Heracy for some to hear. The feeling isn't neart as "pure" in the dead center, but the feel outside the sweet spot is where the 200 wins. I don't hit dead center all the time, and shanks with the PT630 actually bother both my elbows quite a bit. The 200 shanks are 100% fine in my elbows book, even with poly. It's weird that it happens like that, but with the PT630, outside the sweet spot it just really isn't that forgiving and good feeling on my arms. (That being said, I can use a PDR+ string with full poly and my elbows are fine too...)

You're most welcome though! Always happy to share some of my knowledge!

Fuji - you have to try a Fischer Vacuum 90... talk about cutting through the air quickly! That racquet made the APDGt feel clunky. Flip side though, you REALLY have to generate your own power, the top hoop issue and it does nothing to "help" spin.

Speaking of which, are you a windshield wiper/western grip guy?

You have me intrigued with the Dunlop 200 - but here's the thing, and back to my original question, wouldn't a PT280 be preferable to the Bio200 (with the former actually being usually cheaper)? Thanks again, man.
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