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Originally Posted by mrmo1115 View Post
I see. It might just have to do with a "Donnay feel" that might not be something I might be interested in. Are you totally satisfied with your PSTGT's at this moment? Can you relate at all to the gripes I'm having lately with mine? Just seems that there are times when I'm not grinding at the baseline where the racquet can feel sluggish. I'm finding that more as I'm trying to attack more, being closer to the baseline, attacking the short balls and using my transition game. The Blade demos I had were strung with multis and I don't think I got as good of a read on them as I could if they were strung with poly. So I'll reserve my judgement on those and re demo them but strung with polyester...I really hope between the 2 Blades and the 18/20 Graphene Speed I find something that I'm looking for... a PSTGT solid feeling racquet but a bit more whippy. A reason why I'm hesitant on the 16/19 is because the PSTGT is more closed than open IMHO with it being 16/20 that extra cross definitely makes a difference. In the past I've tried 16/19s and they just haven't worked for me... too much power and not enough control. Won't give up on this Blade 16/19 though.

And I'm assuming you took the 16/19 Pro One out? The 18/20 sounds very enticing still even though I might not like the Donnay feel
Yes, I tried the 16x19 Donnay as I never found a 18x20 that would work for me. I always end up hitting it short and when I try to lower the tension by 5lbs to adjust for the tighter string pattern, it still didn't help.

The Blade 16x19 does have more power than the PSTGT and does take some time to get use to but I feel I am slowly getting the hang of it. I like the bigger sweet spot though the PSTGT allows me to hit a more wicked slice. I modified the Blade with more lead tape in the handle making it more like 4pts HL to give it a bit more whip while still maintaining stability.

I am happy with the PSTGT but I like trying new racquets and will be giving the Steam and Head Speed MP a shot when they come out later this month. I do understand what you mean by the PSTGT being a bit sluggish and mainly on serves. Hopefully they will improve this when they release a new version in 2014.

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