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don't do it. not worth it. the pros* get paid millions to win and even then very, very few slide on hardcourts even though they'll slide around a clay court all day.

but more to the point, if you need to slide to get to a ball then that means your speed/fitness/footwork, court positioning, or previous shot selection/execution wasn't good enough. you need to focus on these parts as no amount of sliding will cure this.

the reason people slide on clays is because there is less traction on that surface so when you try to stop for the ball after approaching your momentum carries you forward, as if you were on ice. you don't try to slide. if you are sliding on hardcourts you're not moving right and are putting massive stress on your joints because there is so much traction/resistance on that surface that you have to overcome in order to slide.

i played on red clay all of last summer and when i got back on to a hardcourt i could feel the difference immediately. too much traction to move the same way. i think you should try to find a clay court to check out. it's a big difference.

you're too young to feel the pressure you're putting on your joints. trust me. do you want to play tennis in your 30s? your choice.

* There are people like Gael Monfils who do this, but have you seen his knees lately? Destroyed.
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