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Originally Posted by reversef View Post
Who was injured or ill? Soderling is fine. It must be a silent ban or an excuse to not play. We have no proof that he's not fine and a tennis player is always presumed guilty until proven innocent.
Same for Del Potro. I didn't see the MRI, I was not there when he had surgery. His wrist was fine. It's just that he couldn't stand the pressure, he had some losses that damaged his confidence + he got caught by the anti-doping brigade. So, it took him a lot of time to come back.
I see what you are doing. Just stop being butthurt about *******s already and don't lower yourself to that kind of levels. It doesnt matter whether he's injured or on a silent ban for my point either. My only point is that the domination of the big 4 was amplified by the ABSENCE of Del Potro and Soderling.
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