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Originally Posted by The Djoker View Post
OK everyone. I've been meaning to bring this up for a while (I think I may start a new thread, but let me know if i should just keep it all here).

I own 6 of James Blake's Personal Racquets - All the same tecnifibre/major/AG 300 Tour mold - 18x20:

2x Dunlop 200 series (1 AG, 1 M-Fil) Blacked out Frames
1x Dunlop prototype (All Black)
2x Head Prototype (All Black)
1x Bosworth Custom (All Black)

Here is a teaser pic...I have so much I want to say about these racquets, but just haven't had the time. I'll get around to it hopefully sooner rather than later. Enjoy!

common! give us more pics and specs please!
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