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I have now tried the same string set up at various tensions (60, 57, 55, 52, 50) and can say that at 55 lbs and lower you get some ball pocketing though not the dwell time that i feel the biomimetic 300 tour has. Power and spin are ample as long as swing speed is fast otherwise balls will sail on me. At 50 lbs the strings are moving a bit on me. At 57 the string bed firms up and I no longer feel the ball pocket but control is very good. I am still settling in at 55 lbs. It just seems to do everything well for me. This is with Isospeed Professional Classic. I really am enjoying this set up.

I have 100% switched to the F3.0 tour and am officially in honeymoon period with everything going well with this frame for me. I am now staying with one setup.
Thanks, Tom. Everything that you state here is confirmed by my brief experience with my demo a while back. I probably had about 6g of added weight in the upper hoop from 3-9. With the tighter tension of the demo, I'd need to strip at least half of that weight. However, at 53-55#, I could likely keep the weight, but the frame is so stable already, the added swing speed would be a great benefit at any weight. I'd likely hit it stock and find the lowest tension that I could accept.

This is one "modern" frame that I'll consider once my Londons wear out.
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