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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
Hope he heals in time for late spring training, so he can get in some work in exhibition games. He seems to heal quickly.
Also, he being a top 2 pick, was watching and listening to all the talk about former No.1 pick AlexSmith, who lost his job thru a concussion, and took himself out of the game.
RG111 don't wanna be replaced!
Few, if any running QB's can last a full season. Cam being an exception, but he's huge. Even SteveYoung had to stop running, and start throwing more.
Now RussellWilson is left alone out of the rookies still playing.
Even though Luck is as fast as RG111, he seldom runs, hoping for a longer career. White boyz shouldn't run!
Viking don't even let Peterson's backup run at all.
The new concussion rules took Smith out of the game and the following week's contest vs the Bears. Smith has been chomping at the bit on the sidelines ever since. RG3 would have benefitted if there was a "knee rule" bcoz he certainly would be ready for the '13 OTAs and all the preseason if it was just the initial LCL sprain. Now, '13 is a big question mark, as well as how thoroughly he ever recovers. Peterson's recovery is an anamoly, not a template.
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