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Great thread - I am just "discovering" Rosewall myself. Watching his 5 set Wimby win over Smith right now - Muscles was was 39 right?

Pc1 - thanks for the link - just gorgeous, varied stuff...
And remember that at 39, while still an excellent player he was but a shadow of what he was. I don't think he was even as good as he was just several years before.

It's funny some posters tend to focus on Rosewall's height but he was incredible with the overhead and his range at the net was unbelievable. I remember watching him at Forest Hills and some players would hit some blazing attempted passing shots when Rosewall was at the net. The ball would seem to pass him but somehow with his back almost to the net he would hit a great angled stop volley. But he was known for his legendary backhand, mostly flat with some slice.

He had amazing variety, far more than most players that I have seen.
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