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Default 10 bold predictions for 2013!

Join in and tell me what you think. Come on!

1. Virginia will not make the NCAA final four this year. They will rely to much of a Freshman who is far over-ranked
2. Georgia will not make the NCAA 16. They have no-one to replace what they lost.
3. Duke will beat Virginia to win the ACC
4. Texas A&M will struggle in the SEC first year
5. Stanford will have a breakout year and be top 5
6. UCLA will win the national title
7. Peter Kobelt will have the biggest fall of a #1 ever
8. No team in the Big Ten outside of OSU will be top 20
9. Oklahoma Sooners will have a down year and Roddick will be put on the hot seat
10. ESPN will screw up the coverage of the final even worse this year
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