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Default Inconsistent line calls in Rec play

Played another league match and I still bothered by inconsistent line calls
There were a few serves that I felt looked long but the player on the other side played it. So it like I'll play then point cause I can't call my first serve out

That's okay as I'm used to this by now
I also play some close ones when I returning serves

What really irratates me is during the point is that during the rally some players give up on the point and watch the ball land
Invariable it's very close to the line and their line calls become so more specific so if it lands 2-3 inches outside the line it's call out.
In the same situation when returning the ball 2-3 inches out they don't call it out and play it
It really pathetic cause most times they are out of position and convinently calls those close ones out. While when they are in position on the ROS they call the close ones in
I hate inconsistency in calling
Just venting.
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