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Originally Posted by jjs891 View Post
First 3 is the wt in gms.
Next 3 is the balance in mm.
Next 2 is RA
Last 4 is the serial # for the particular stick.

For example:


309gms. 318mm balance. 68ra. 1234 production #

This is what I know. No sw info that I know of.

Hope this helps. Looking forward to hear what you think of the stick.
I thought you tried it before and didn't care for it ??
Thanks, that was EXACTLY what I needed.

I did try the Pro 1 briefly but gave up quickly because I thought it was too heavy for me at the time. Recently, I have been looking to switch from tweeners like the Juice 100 to a slighlty smaller head and more comfortable racquet to better accomodate my revent switch to a one handed backhand.
I am thinking about ordering a pair from TW and asking for a spec'd one with a 305 weight and most headlite balance possible (what # would be good?, > 315mm or <315mm?) . I think with the lightest specs possible, it will be perfect for me. Also if it's light enough stock, I can add more weight to the handle and make it more headlite, which will also benefit my one hander.

I tried a P1 demo last 2 days and I really LOVE the way the ball feels off the stringbed. Makes you want to just hit balls over and over My demo is pretty hefty and weighs around 338 grams. I can definitely notice a little extra weight but I think I will get used to it if I force myself to stick it out. My backhand is nice and smooth with it. Right now I play slightly better with my Juice, but that's because I can get away with sloppy footwork and flick balls bacl with it.
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