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Originally Posted by Dedans Penthouse View Post
This +3 (and lol).
Yeah the sanctimonious blowback was humorous. MSNBC's dour creepazoid Mika Brzezinski got her frigid panties all twisted up in knots over it the next morning in a snippy huff. CNN's Gayle King also went the high and mightly 'indignation' route - and yet on CNN (New Year's Eve) there she was, skanky Kathy Griffith pretending to go down on Anderson Cooper and yet, not a peep of "sexist outrage" from Ms. King. Bottom line imho: who cares?
Hey you want 'juvenile' olli?
Q: What's the difference between a lezbo feminist and a sperm whale?
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HAHA Yea the same ones outraged over Musburgers comment make way more ridicuous comments and for some reason nothings ever said about them. There wasnt one person with us who thought anything about what Musburger said.

Heck, the game was so boring that we actually started a pool where everyone would guess how much time would be one the clock the next time McCarrons gf would be shown on the screen and whoever was closest got all the money.
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