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Originally Posted by Fuji View Post
Haha I've always wanted to try the 90 actually! I just never got around to really looking for one! It sounds like a fun frame!

Normally I hit WW forehands with a semi western grip, but I do go full eastern for blocking back big shots and to flatten out winners!

Oh for sure! If you can get PT280's for cheaper then 200's, by all means go for it. I won't argue that it's the better frame, since hitting the sweet spot for me is probably the best feeling ever haha! The issue becomes getting a few of the same stick. I have a single PT630, and I never use it for anything serious because I don't care for switching frames in the middle of a match. The 200 series is just really readily available, and at dirt cheap prices used. So it's easy to stock up on a pair/trio or more for realistically cheap.

The PV90 was a cool frame and I can understand the high regarded afforded to it - but, man, couldn't wait to sell the two that I picked a while ago and was thrilled when I did. Given your style of play, I'd probably avoid the idea of purchasing it, but definitely try it if you get the chance. Alas, not a "value" stick - at least subjectively.
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