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Are they speaking the hobbit language?? LOL

To the OP you need to learn these things:
- ball sense: anticipate where the ball will land and how high it will bounce
- hit on the rise: hit the ball before it jumps up to your shoulder level and beyond. You will need to step in, not backing up. That's why ball sense is important.
- learn the reverse fh, and extreme semi western bh, and/or the bh slam. Hit with a ball on the rise with power and spin. You will get some of the rainbow shots ppl are talking above. BH slam it if it gets too high on the bh side. These shots will take time away from the moonballer to get into position.

The key is never back up. Watch the guy's strokes and if you see the moonball coming get ready to close in. A few rainbows later they should give you a short lob and that is when you come in for the kill.
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