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Originally Posted by Posture Guy View Post
One piece of advice: if you're doing stuff from the book, do the exercises in order. Don't treat them as a 'buffet'. One sets you up for the next, etc... They're not just thrown together, but have a method to their madness, so to speak.
I'm not the OP but I did get the book. It's very interesting when he talks about racquet sports, he says something to the effect that these sports aren't hard on the arm or elbow but actually unmasks symptoms in those of us who have postural imbalances. It was an interesting perspective I hadn't considered given how much attention we take to racquets and strings.

Correspondingly, his elbow chapter actually focusses more on the shoulders and hips... That being said, I feel improved. Full disclosure, I am also doing wrist/forearm stretches and just started using the red flexbar.

I'm wondering though about adding other "body parts" to the list as some exercises are repeated. If I also have a sore neck, do you do the full menu of exercises for the elbow in order then do the neck? Or if I did the Gravity drop for the elbow, can I leave that one off when I do the neck routine?
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