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Originally Posted by parasailing View Post
Yes, I tried the 16x19 Donnay as I never found a 18x20 that would work for me. I always end up hitting it short and when I try to lower the tension by 5lbs to adjust for the tighter string pattern, it still didn't help.

The Blade 16x19 does have more power than the PSTGT and does take some time to get use to but I feel I am slowly getting the hang of it. I like the bigger sweet spot though the PSTGT allows me to hit a more wicked slice. I modified the Blade with more lead tape in the handle making it more like 4pts HL to give it a bit more whip while still maintaining stability.

I am happy with the PSTGT but I like trying new racquets and will be giving the Steam and Head Speed MP a shot when they come out later this month. I do understand what you mean by the PSTGT being a bit sluggish and mainly on serves. Hopefully they will improve this when they release a new version in 2014.
I see. For me the 18/20 pattern has been one that I've used for most of my tennis playing career so giving up on it since I've been using the 16/20 for the past year won't be something I'm doing. Although you're right that with the 18/20 you sacrifice a lot of pop the control you receive especially directional control is usually spot on. I've never tried experimenting with lead and I probably won't touch it anytime soon.. so it concerns me that maybe the Blades won't be statically heavy enough, although the SW of 330 definitely beefs up the 11-11.5 oz frames. Yes, the PSTGT definitely doesn't help you on the serve.. but approach shots, balls that are high in my strike zone, and finesse on volleys are things I am finding difficulty to deal with. I've never played with any racquet better at grinding from the back of the court just hitting deep balls, absorbing pace from my opponents shots.

Originally Posted by JGads View Post
Might want to try the standard Pure Storm or even the Team, leaded up a bit? Played a pro at a club in Palm Springs and he had a Team version of the Pure Storm with a fair amount of lead at 3 and 9. He could really crack the ball and his slices stayed ridiculously low with it.
My brother uses the PS unleaded and I tried it before deciding I wanted to use something heavier and more stable with the PSTGT. Like I said previously, I've never thought of tinkering around with lead. As of now the 3 frames I'm really looking at to achieve what I'm looking for (basically a PSTGT in a lighter package, more whippy, more maneuverable) are the 2 Blade 98's and the new Head Graphene Speed Pro (315g). It'll be an interesting month of playtesting.

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