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Originally Posted by sstchur View Post
Man, that is really low. But I guess I can't bad-mouth it too much. Back when I used my Fischers, I used to string Gamma Pro on a lockout at around 49/47.

However, I saw that light, and now know that GPro plays MUCH better at higher tensions. My recommendation to others would be mid to high 50s at least, and I would make this recommendation regardless of frame flex.

Interested to hear how it works out for you though.
With the cooler winter weather, I like to go down some in tension. Of course, we are in a heat spell and will hit 80 for the next week or so.

When I tried the DM at 54 in the Exos, my serve was a creampuff. Just not enough pop. Keep in mind the Exo has a flex rating of 52 which is very low.

The two upcoming experiments I'm most curious about are the Ashaway Dynamite test and prestretching X1 combined with low tension.
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