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Originally Posted by T.P3D0R View Post
I was never impressed by Dunlop. I ordered a pair of 300 tours over the summer, and they didn't seem to live up to the hype. The had a different (not bad) feel, but nothing spectacular. And a pretty short grip....
i somewhat agree with this in that i think the type of string and the tension you have the dunlops strung at makes a HUGE difference with how it plays, also the grip bothers me as well because it is as short as my aero pro drive grip, but the dunlop racquet kind of pinches/rubs my knuckle on my backhand in such a way that becomes very painful after 30 min or so of playing.....i probably sound like a pansy saying that, but its hard to explain....i guess its because its nto as powerful a racquet and i had to swing much harder and a little more reckless with it....i dunno
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