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Originally Posted by TonyB View Post
I'm in the same boat. Been using Energy for a while and there are only a couple of strings that are anywhere near it in terms of performance. WC Turbotwist is one of them.

I restring just about every time I play. Sometimes I can play twice without restringing. I'm going to try Polystar Strike to see if it lasts a bit longer, but it's stiffer for sure. So it might not play quite the same.

Some people have made good claims about Mosquito Bite, but I haven't tried it.
I just tested both this week.

Turbo Twist does everything good, but nothing particularly stands out as spectacular. Very consistent performance. Comfy like a multi. I'm actually thinking about switching to it.

Mosquito Bite had a livelier stringbed, great spin, and extra power. My serves were getting better pace compared to other polys I've tried. Comfort is decent. I did spray more balls long than I normally do on groundstrokes. I really liked the pace MB gave me, but TT was more consistent.
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