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Originally Posted by ga tennis View Post
I really think thats one of the problems with womens serves. Some coaches dont really focus on the kick serves with girls and they get stuck hitting it too flat or slicing it. I think the kick serve gives them soooo much margin for error and they get accustomed to swinging full out hitting up chest to the sky with a ton of racket head speed and wont be so prone to nerves and double faults. Maybe im wrong i just see how Serena and S.Stosur look soooo much better than most of the other women due to the fact that they hit the big kicker.
Girls usually don't serve big kick serves and they don't get to practice returning them either. My son played a mixed double match in an Open tournament before Christmas. The girl had no problem returning his 1st serves; but she either missed or floated back probably 90% of his kickers to her backhand. Big boys at the winter national also made many errors trying to attack his kickers.

Stosur also likes to serve a big kicker as her 1st serve to the add side.

BTW, I am really impressed with your daughter's ability to kick the ball to the side fence. She will surely make you proud!
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