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Originally Posted by ga tennis View Post
I wanna put her with her academy full time but cant afford it. So my question to you guys is do you think an hour and a half is enough for a girl that just turned 11????
I've read many of your past post and you struck me as someone with a lot of money

But as to your question, 1.5 hours of practice, 3-4 days per week should suffice. Quality practice time over quantity. Mix it up with drills (fed balls, work on mechanics, practice serves), practice matches with older/level based players, one on one coaching with personal coach. Don't worry too much what the other kids are doing or what their results/rankings are. The pressure is on them (the homeschoolers) later in their journey when return on investment doesn't add up. Be patient, it's a long journey, and your kid could be a late bloomer.
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