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Originally Posted by r2473 View Post
As is often the case, I think most people make up their minds first, and only then do they look for facts to back up their opinion (prejudice); not the other way around. Everyone "knows" Clemens, Bonds, etc don't "deserve" to be in the HOF, and everyone "knows" Biggio does. Now we just have to selectively look at things to support our view (you guys know that Biggio played pretty much the exact same years as Bonds and Clemens, right?).
Its kinda funny to me.

Baseball after their strike was hurting bad. Everything was down from ratings to attendance. Than these two guys came along and hit the ball a freaking mile and baseball was back. Than Bonds blew up and San Francisco was back on the map. And Clemens stayed dominant in an era of guys hitting the ball a mile.

Now after they helped get baseball back on track they are shunned along with almost every other star of the generation. Maybe they should open up a PED wing of Cooperstown because these guys deserve some kind of credit for carrying the sport all those years.
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