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Originally Posted by kpktennis View Post
Had two questions about the one handed backhand, for those with a powerful modern 1hb.

1) Would you say the stroke path (lets say the butt cap for the sake of visualization) is following a path that is more like circumscribing a circle or one that is more linear/back to front?

2) I can hit the ball with quite a bit of pace but I find that sometimes this imparts a bit of side spin on the ball, was wondering exactly how the racquet is supposed to squarely approach the ball right before contact? Is it like a slight forearm deviation or...
i think you can use a slight forearm deviation but this may cost you some measure of control. anyways, this video below is what i watched in the very beginning that go me going in the right developmental direction when i first took up tennis and was trying to learn how to hit a one-hander. nowadays, (three years later) the vast majority if not nearly every one of the players that i play who are at my level of a low 3.5 cannot stand up to my backhand, and they quickly switch from trying to attack it in matches once i punish them with it a few times in cross court exchanges--my backhand is not my weakest stroke, thanks largely to this video:

that said, however, i find myself using the forearm deviation that you described, and actually getting away with it more times than not without the stroke going haywire, but i can also tell that whipping my hoop through the contact zone, so that i almost look at times to be taking a vicious sideways-swipe through the zone, is not something that i should be consciously aspiring to incorporate into my overall stroke mechanics, (because this is what my body seems to be telling me) but those kind of swipes are rather something that i am able to get away with from time to time due to having built the stroke on sound fundamentals (as featured in that video of lendl) like a closed face, deep shoulder turn, and planting my lead foot down firmly just about every time that i take a cut off that wing, without all of which i doubt i could manage the stan warvrinka-looking sideways swipes that i pull off occasionally.

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